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Aftercare Materials To Use: 

Starter Kit: Cleanser, Ointment, & Cream, Unscented Baby Wipes & Q-Tips. 

Use 1 & 2 until you are finished peeling. Once you are done peeling, use 1 &3.

How To Use Aftercare Materials:

*Please use a new wipe, pad, or swab EVERY TIME you wipe or apply ointment. 

*Apply RICE GRAIN amount of cleanser on q-tip. Apply in one direction only. (Lightly clean. Do not soak brows.)

*Wipe slowly until clean with unscented baby wipe from bulb to tail. NOT back/forth. (NEVER let lymph dry on your brows.)

*Air dry brows. (Never apply ointment over wet brows.)

*Apply 1 RICE GRAIN amount of ointment per brow using a clean swab bulb to tail. (Fingers=Bacteria)

*Once brows finish peeling, please replace ointment with cream.





  •  DAY 1-30 Until Healed

    • Make sure to clean off the lymph EVERY HOUR the first day.

  • DAY 4- DAY 30 / Until Healed​


 2 times a day: Morning & Night after cleaning brows using instructions below. Please do not use any other creams or vaseline. ​

  • Apply rice grain amount cleanser using a fresh q-tip in one direction as I've shown you. 

  • Clean off with a wet fresh Q-tip or unscented baby wipe in one direction.

  • Allow brow to air dry. 

  • Apply rice grain amount of ointment using a fresh q-tip ointment in one direction.

  • Once brows finish peeling, please replace ointment with cream.

Warning: Do not saturate brows with any of the products. It will NOT heal properly. If the brow is shiny when you are done with aftercare, it is TOO MUCH. You should not see the product, but know it is there.


  • Water contact on the brows until they have healed.

    • Wash your face at the sink before you shower. No bathing. No saunas, jacuzzis, pools or any recreational water activities. If the area gets wet, pat dry gently from bulb to tail w/ a clean paper towel.


  • Physical activity until they have healed.

    • No gym/working out, tanning, gardening, yoga, or anything that can make you sweat or expose your brows to debris such as dirt, rocks, etc.


  • Products in the brow area until they have healed.

    • Brow make-up/make-up in the area, chemical peels, facials, Keep hair away. Absolutely no skincare that contains anti-aging or regeneration factors (AHA’S, BHA’S, ACIDS IN GENERAL, VITA C, etc as this will cause fading to the pigment. Even after healing.) 

Do Not


  • Do not rub or traumatize the procedure area while it is healing. DO NOT PICK. Do not be tempted to remove any scabs by force that may form on the treatment area. PICKING WILL REMOVE PIGMENT ALONG WITH SCAB.


ALWAYS use SPF on brows after they heal to prevent fading.

NEVER use lasers (Fraxel/IPL) on the brow area even after healing. This can destroy pigment and cause burns. 

AVOID sleeping on your face until brows are healed.


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