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Contraindications List


The list below applies to the permanent makeup procedure only. (Ombré Brows)


Please understand that these contraindications (disqualifications) are for the safety of both the client and artist as this is an elective service. Ignoring or choosing to withhold this information could put your health at risk. We will only be able to treat clients who qualify and do not check off any but not limited to the conditions listed below. You acknowledge that if you meet any of these conditions and still show for the procedure, that we will be forced to refuse service. You will be sent home and forfeit your deposit. We want to avoid that. Please be honest with your artist.


Who is not eligible for the procedure? 

Individuals who are:

  • Actively sick with cold or flu or covid like symptoms

  • Under 18 years of age

  • Pregnant/Nursing

  • Hemophiliac or have any bleeding disorders

  • Skin Diseases on the brow area (psoriasis, eczema etc)

  • Undiagnosed blisters, rashes, or abnormalities in the brow area

  • HIV/Hepatitis or any other transmittable blood disease

  • Cancer or undergoing active chemotherapy or radiotherapy

*PLEASE let us know if you’ve ever had a reaction to any numbing agents.
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