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Touch Ups


Ombré Powder Brows can be a multi-step process.

  • If you want to keep the integrity of your brows, you must return for your follow up appointment.

  • You are responsible for booking your follow up appointments. Please book ahead of time for the best results.

1. First Session

is used to build your shape, add color and gain symmetry.

2. Second Session

is used to perfect the brows. This includes (as necessary) adding color density, regulating patchiness, and slight shape changes.


3. Retention Session

is if your skin has ink retention issues. If we find this to be a factor, you may need to book multiple sessions in order to achieve the desired look. Some clients may need more than one appointment to achieve their desired result. Every one’s skin heals differently so pigment retention will not be the same for each person. Please do not be alarmed as this is quite rare.

4. Annual Touch Up (Color Boost)

Exactly a year after your initial follow up appointment, you will return annually for a color boost. This is when we intensify the color of your brows as they will naturally lighten on their own with time and lifestyle.



Touchup Flowchart

1. First Session

2. Touchup Session

3. Retention Session

(RARE. Only for those with retention issues) 

(SKIP to 4 if you healed properly.)


4. Annual Touch Up (Color Boost)


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