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Hi Doll! Thank you for choosing me. I created The Brow Barbie because I get it. I can relate!


I was just so tired of spending 20+ minutes every day to fill in my brows so I got MicroShading done. BEST DECISION ever. Y'all, I had 0 brow hair. Okay like 10 per brow but STILL that's not enough for a shape. I've been hooked ever since! I want other women to feel the same satisfaction that I feel. Sooooo...

I now offer Ombré Powder/Microshading (Permanent) and Henna (Semi-Permanent) services depending on your preference. If you want to know how it feels to wake up with brows but need a minute before you commit forever, try my HD Henna Brows. (Highly Defined Brows are henna application plus a brow wax.) They will last longer than tint, usually a little over a week (depending on skin type). That's longer than any tint on the market. No tint lasts up to 2 weeks, that's an industry marketing tactic. Tint lasts 3-4 days on average. All fax, no printer. If you can show me a tint that lasts longer than henna, I'll give you a pair of HD Brows ON ME. Now if you're past henna or even tint and ready to dive in head FIRST, come see me about these ombré brows. Say it with me: Brows. For. Life. You'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner. And I'll remind that you that it's because we just finally met :)


See you soon Babe,

XoXo Pea


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